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    What a fantastic time.  My first time after number of Battels with melanoma cancer.  Me so many great friendly people this event.  The pre party on Sunday night, and day of event. So many gifts for auction and for raffles. So many activities to participate in  day of event. Tee prizes were  great, same for food during the event.  Every aspect of event was so well run.” – Richard Hayden

    “I have been playing this tournament since the beginning and involved in helping make it work. I started last year to pay for 2 Wounded Warriors to help the Shoopy scramble to keep evolving and helping people that need but can not necessary pay for it. Brett’s story is the only reason that anyone would need to hear to want to be involved.” – Dick Speer

    “I have played in the Shoopy Scramble Tournament for 5 years. My good friend, Brett, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and has put together this tournament to raise funds for Eisenhower Lucy Lurci Cancer Center. The golf event is a lot of fun, well run at a beautiful golf course, with fun prizes, silent auction, lunch and informational talks about the dangers of the sun and skin cancer and skin cancer awareness. I encourage anyone to attend if you love golf and helping to support cancer research of melanoma.” – Penelope Knopik

    “I have played in this tournament every year since its conception. Bret does a fabulous job in promoting skin cancer awareness. As a cancer survivor myself, and since we don’t get to choose what cancer we get I will continue to support this tournament and this cause.” – Michael Ortiz

    “I have participated in Shoopy’s tournament for 2 years now. First as a volunteer and then as a participant. This is one of the most organized and best causes I have attended. Had a wonderful time and have learned much about “melanoma”, a terrible and preventable cancer. Many wonderful prizes and a fantastic silent auction. I’ve won 2 silent auctions for golf at PGA and Shawdow Ridge, 2 of my favorites. I suggest you don’t miss out on this scramble it could save a life from cancer with all the knowledge that comes with the tournament. Don’t forget the lunch meal included.” – Dale Augusta

    “Yes I did have a blast at Shoopy Scramble. Absolutely great golf tournament and absolutely great work the Brett has done to raise money for Melanoma Awareness.” – Olivia Gazis

    The Shoopy Scramble Tournament is a great event to mix a fun day of golf and to be educated about the dangers of skin cancer.  We have played in all 6 tournaments and are always impressed how organized and well run this event is.  Brett and his team from Desert Willow and all the volunteers manage to do something new and different each year to improve it from the previous one and make it even more fun and educational.” – Ted & Nancy Harcksen

    The golf tournament that Brett has organized to promote awareness of melanoma cancer is an event that shouldn’t be missed. The numerous volunteers who help with this event reflect Brett’s attention to detail. Everything works like clockwork from tee off times to auction activity and food service. Most importantly, everyone has a great time while raising money for melanoma cancer research. Huge kudos to Brett for moving forward in his life to promote this important work.” – Roger and Sandy Ottmar

    I for one had a phenomenal time at the Shoopy scramble this year. The people I met, the fun I had on the greens, with a great group of ladies, was a day to remember. The most important part of it of course is the information that’s disseminated to all, a friendly reminder to protect yourself from the ravages of the sun. I have to thank Shoopy for all of his hard work, his dedication and commitment to helping others be aware of the dangers of too much sun and to protect themselves with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses when they’re outdoors.
    So Shoopy, thank you for the invitation, and for including me be a part of your special event.
    Please continue to get the word out so we can help as many people as possible. You’re a survivor, and a great inspiration, thank you!” – Janet Zappala

    Shoopy, what a excellent tournament you run, a great time had by all.
    Such a great job with your sunscreen experts there to explain the effects of the sun on your skin! Can’t wait for the 7th have played in them all!” – Jeff Wine

    Hello Golfers and Shoopy Scramble supporters, I have been a participant in Brett’s Shoopy Scramble Tournament for the past 5 years and have enjoyed each one and have had the personal pleasure to see it grow to the Tournament that it is today. Initially we had only one course for the event and now today with the communities support and avid golfers They use both courses at Desert Willow. I think it is impressive that 144 golfers plus sponsors and other supporters turn out for the event.. Not to mention the worth while cause Shoop has dedicated himself to. I realize that Desert Willow is a public course but I would match it against any other course here in the Coachella valley. The Venue is unbeatable and the entire staff of Kemper Sports excel at hosting the event. From bag drop to the tee and courses then back for the luncheon, (talk about YUM YUM) and awards ceremony I have always been impressed.
    Shoops efforts toward Melanoma awareness is commendable. He and his volunteers work tirelessly to present a memorable outing and make a sizabel donation to the Cancer Foundation.
    I hope to see you there next year….FORE.!!!!!” – John Fanning

    I make a point to play in the Shoopy Scramble every year. It is very well run, a really fun time and for a great cause. Met some great people and have always enjoyed the day. Good on you, Brett! And let’s keep it going!” – Kevin Kell

    One more year in a row, the 2018 Shoopy Scramble Charity Golf Tournament was brilliantly organized by the professionals at the Desert Willow Country Club. What a great experience, fun and joy to be and play together with all these amazing people, supporting a great cause-the fight against Melanoma….I would like to say Thank You to all of you guys for the fantastic experience , and most of all to Shoopy !!!! Thank you so much Shoopy for the great idea you discovered and developed though the years-already 6 tournaments in a row. Thank you for all the knowledge and experience you shared with all of us about the Melanoma Awareness . See you next year on the 7TH Shoopy Scramble to have so much fun again !!!” – Miroslav Vasilev

    My last participation in a Shoopy Scramble was a terrific experience, blending a really fun round of morning golf with a lunch shared with new and old acquaintances and an educational experience which stressed the importance of preventive skin care, especially for those of us who live year round in the desert. When I had my first superficial melanoma removed not long ago, I wished that I could have attended a Shoopy Scramble when I was young and ignorant of the risks of excessive, unprotected sun exposure.” – Dr. Alan Kiselstein

    The Shoopy Scramble is truly a memorable event. There is heartfelt sentiment throughout the field of players to support the efforts against melanoma. The love and care and camaraderie among everyone involved in the event make this tournament tons of fun and particularly gratifying. Thanks, Brett, for everything you do!” – Andrea Owad

    We have been sponsors for Brett and his noble tournament for the past few years. Cannot think of having a better partner for getting the word out about melanoma and how great this event is.  We are grateful to Brett for letting us participate and think that the work he is doing is both charitable and honorable.” – Matthew Smith

    If you get a chance to participate in this golf EVENT jump at it! I’ve been playing in various “Charity” golf tournaments for over 30 years. Playing in the Shoopy Scramble is unlike any other golf outing I’ve ever participated in. When you arrive, the staff at Desert Willow welcomes you and makes you feel appreciated. If you’re timing is right, you might be lucky enough to be greeted by the host himself. The feeling generated by the enthusiasm of the host, Desert Willow staff, the volunteer staff, and the weather is electrifying — and this, before the ball gets teed up! The fact that one is participating in a cause so worthy of attention and support further enhances one’s experience. I’m fortunate to know the host through his work at Desert Willow and wish him strength in his efforts to bring attention to such a strong adversary as well as his own recovery. Come join us at the Shoopy Scramble and you’ll never be the same — your life will change for the better. C U there!” – Orlando Hernandez

    Shoopy, you and your entire staff have created a most memorable, well-organized tournament at Desert Willow which combines a great golfing experience of sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun while educating all participants on the ways of protecting themselves from the dangers of that wonderful – but wicked – sunshine.  Kudos to you for taking your personal fight with skin cancer to the forefront in such a positive manner and giving back to the Eisenhower Luci Curci Center, tirelessly, year after year!  I commend you for your wonderful contributions to us, the golfers, as well as to the cancer patients!!  Keep it going, Shoopy, it’s always a pleasure to be part of the Shoopy Scramble!” – Dave Chambers

    Thank you to all who joined us for the 8th Annual Shoopy Scramble!

    Thank you to all who joined us for the 7th Annual Shoopy Scramble!

    Thank you to all who joined us for the 6th Annual Shoopy Scramble!

    Thank you to all who joined us for the 5th Annual Shoopy Scramble!